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Sound Meditations 


Wellbeing workshops


1-2-1 Treatments

Enjoy the focus and benefit of a personalised treatment.

Each session includes an energy reading, with the first session paying particular attention to historical physical, emotional and spiritual patterns.  

Explore the relationship between your inner and outer world and utilise the healing benefit of sound to bring harmony to all areas of your life.

A series of 3 is recommended.

Sound healing is a gentle yet powerful way to support you in your health and wellbeing.  By listening to Himalayan and crystal bowls, gong, vocal toning, drums and percussive instruments, you are held in a space of deep relaxation.  Through the principles of resonance and entrainment, together with intention, your body and mind are brought back to their resonant frequency. It is possible to heal on a deep cellular level, gain clarity of mind and increased vitality, amongst many other benefits. 

Wellbeing and Mindfulness for children and adults: experience and learn techniques to help calm, ground and energise students and staff. Perfect for INSET days and PSHE lessons  

Empowered Learning TM:   a method for supporting children with special learning needs including Dyslexia, ADHD and Autism, to accelerate their learning, particularly the areas of spelling and comprehension. 

Developmental drama: particularly for children with special needs or profound and multiple disabilities.

Delivery of KS1-4 PSHE curriculum: including bullying, sex education, citizenship, health

Family workshops also available

I offer weekly and monthly group sessions, one to one treatments and workshops.  These are held at a number of comfortable venues within central Brighton, within your business or place or work, or at your home.

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Sound Health