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“A very unusual, relaxing experience.  The sounds travelled differently through the body and released different tensions.  A very enjoyable experience.”

“This was an amazing experience and I really didn’t want it to end.  I would love to do this kind of session on a regular basis.  Very powerful experience.”

“I found this deeply relaxing and it left me with a sense of extreme peace and wellbeing.”

“The sound bath was very relaxing.  My body felt as though it was fixed to the floor but also as though my legs and lower torso almost disappeared. The vibrations travelled right through from tip to toe and the intensity varied depending on volume and instruments used.”

“My sound bath experience was so amazing (not being particularly spiritual). I experienced a profound sense of space and relaxing.  Thank you so much xx”

“After having suffered with chronic anxiety for several years this therapy with the sound and the gong left me in the most wonderful relaxed state. Thank you so much! Left me feeling hopefully again.”

“I found it relaxing and calming.  From time to time I could see white light coming and going.”

“This was my first time that I experienced a sound bath and I found it to be fantastic.  It was very therapeutic and I found the deep loud sounds to be a healing experience for me.  I felt very calm after the session.”

“This was my first experience of a sound bath.  The experience as deeply relaxing and took me to a place of complete surrender and peace.  I could do a sound bath every day….wonderful.  Music for the soul.”

“I was able to see explosions of colours and sometimes waves of colours.  There were some sounds which made me feel there was movement of energy within my body.”

“A truly amazing experience!  I have never experienced such a deep relaxation.  My body completely surrendered to the sound waves. A deep feeling of heaviness came into my whole body.  I could not move. It felt like a huge weight was pressing me into the floor.  My mind filled with different colours that changed with each sound. So beautiful.  So deeply relaxing.  Thank you, Joanna.”

“I suffer from hearing and feeling electro-magnetic waves.  The low frequencies in the sound bath overrode and cancelled out the sound.”

“Having not heard of sound therapy before.  It was blown away by the experience. I felt the vibrations of the music run through my body, finding it healing and relaxing.”

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